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Flight King Private Jet Charter Rental
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Aircraft Rental Service
About US
When chartering a private jet you can book on-demand, show up to the airport only a half an hour before departure and skip the hassles of long check-in and security lines. Our expert travel consultants are available to you 24 hours 7 days a week to help advise you on your travel arrangements.
Experience flight like never before. Plush interior cabins with seats that can recline to any position between upright and lie-flat so you can actually rest and arrive ready to go at your destination.
Catering and ground transportation can be ordered upon request. From exclusive bottles of wine to restaurant prepared meals the team at TFK will stop at nothing to ensure all your demands are met. If a ride is needed to or from the airport we will coordinate with our network of top-rated limo services world-wide to ensure you a seamless travel experience.
The cost to charter a private jet can vary. The most important factors to take into consideration are the age and size of the aircraft and duration of the flight. Our down-to earth operators compete for your business by providing multiple quotes for your request and thus making sure your up-in-the-air experience is cost effective yet luxurious.
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Additional Details     
Hours: 24 hours
Payment Types: All cc, cash

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